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We are Your Voice, We are Your Joy!
Embrace your inner beauty with soft and airy fabrics. Express your Truth! Dress your Story!


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where women feel free to be themselves! Embrace and love their bodies smashing those stereotypes.

We aim to enhance women’s lives throughout functional, comfortable, high aesthetic and top-quality materials.

DRESSVØICE is here to help women highlight their natural beauty and embrace their true selves!

To embrace their Inner Voice.

Our Design

We design for today’s dynamic woman, who loves herself!

Our design ethic differentiates from the norms. Our clothes adjust to each body type, maintaining and sustaining its original design elements. 

After an extended, in-depth study of plus size figures, the design team of DRESSVØICE  generated special patterns and unique designs that can combine functionality and comfort in high aesthetics.  

At DRESSVØICE we design around YOU.


Our Fabrics

Fabric choices are causally related to the garment aesthetic.

Our stimulus drives from Greek elements!

The music, the thrill and the carefree mood of the Greeks! The blue shades of the sea, the blue palette of the sky, the earthy shore tones, the Greek Summer!

The Greek state of mind!

We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. That's why we source the finest fabrics and materials such as linen, cotton, silk etc, for our timeless products which awaken an extraordinary blend of the senses.  

We opt for fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources.

The majority of our choices include plant-based fibers such as cotton, linen (flax) and viscose (bamboo), natural protein fibers such as wool and silk or recycled materials like Tenceltm(lyocell).

We also use pure 100% composition on most of our fabrics so that they can be recycled in the future.

All the above result in timeless, high quality pieces and compose a unique blend of senses.


DRESSVØICE strongly believes that women today
do not need a special size format.

We don’t exclude, we only include joy into our lives.
We are not isolated heroes, we live next to you.
Our destination point is woman’s happiness, whether you work, rest
or play you can express yourself through our clothes and feeling
comfortable and elegant at the same time.


Our Philosophy

DRESSVØICE was envisioned by its creators, as a brand focused on today's woman who seeks ways to express her inner voice; Dressvoice is inspired from women who are liberated from stereotypes and criticism.

Since 2009, a lot has happened.  While staying true to our vision, every year we present a complete fashion collection for our muse, the modern woman, the woman of today. Our network of specialized partners sews every collection based on unique specifications. The production house runs a quality control, checks, review and selects the finest quality materials that highlight the design lines, grant style and a luxury sensation to our garments.

We established women's experiences stores! Any visit to our physical stores is an absolute shopping experience. Personal shopping consultants, make-up artists, the sitting area and the modern design, the music and the happy smiles of the people, cause the cheerful atmosphere each of our guest gets to experience.

We don't meet customers, but fellow travelers on a journey through fashion towards freedom!

In 2020, this journey takes a digital turn to spread our vision to many more women around the world. We have come this far and for sure we have a long way ahead of us.

Here at DRESSVØICE, providing unique experiences is a journey to a single destination. YOU!

Dressvoice philoshophy

Our Brand


Our fundamentals:

- Democratization of Fashion

Fashion is for ALL!  It is democratic and comfortable! We take a deeper consideration of consumers' self-expression, as well as the demand and affordability.

- Appreciation of Individuality

Respect and love of everyone’s individuality is a universal stance. We do not believe in stereotypes. Every woman is unique and our goal is for her to stand out in our garments. Clothes should be a mean of expression, comfort, happiness and freedom!

This is also reflected on the DRESSVØICE team, whose diversity of opinion and innovative ideas are highly valued. By providing on-the-job training and opportunities for growth to all our employees, we also invest in the people who make appliance and enhancement of our vision possible.

- Ethical and Sustainable Production

We are committed to a better planet! We are devoted to produce in consideration to humanity and the environment. To protect our limited natural resources and fight climate change.  In DRESSVØICE, we care deeply about how each product is made and its impact on the environment, and we aim to build our supply chain to support responsible production from raw materials to finished goods. For this reason, we are sourcing and designing eco-friendly and recyclable raw materials. We support Fair Trade actions. We are constantly seeking, supporting and collaborating with working parties that follow environmentally friendly production practices and share our vision for sustainability, responsibility and transparency.

For all the above reasons, we at DRESSVØICE are proud to be a part of this journey!


Our Network

DRESSVØICE clothing and philosophy is constantly evolving!

We support wholesale collaborations with retailers worldwide.

For further information about our expanding B2B network click here:

Dressvoice philoshophy

Dress Your Voice
and Inspire others to find theirs

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