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Summer is coming! These carefree days of the sun and the sea are coming, that we are all waiting for. In this text you will find the guide to the best beaches of Crete and you will look forward to visiting them.

1. Elafonisi

Hidden endless beach southwest of Crete. It may take more than an hour from the city center to get there but you will definitely be rewarded by the unique beauty of the beach. Its raw beauty is undeniable, with turquoise waters and pink-pastel sand a natural phenomenon caused by thousands of shells that wash away over time and color the white sands. Its shallow waters are ideal for families.

2. Falasarna

The short, winding drive down to Falasarna can be a little uninspiring with sea views blocked by greenhouses plonked across the olive groves. One of the best beaches in Crete with plenty of space to spread your towel, wonderful clear waters and endless views. Falasarna is located west of Crete and on windy days there will definitely be waves that may not be ideal for families but for windsurfers they are, for sure !!! A unique element of the beach is also the famous sunsets, when the burning orange melts slowly in this incredible sea.

3. Preveli

Where the delta of the river Megalopotamos and the Libyan Sea meet, there is a tropical beach called Preveli. Access to the beach requires a knee-pounding climb down a steep path, but waiting at the bottom are bone-white sands and clear waters for snorkelling. Apart from a tavern in the summer near the car park, - there is not much around - its remoteness is one of its charms.

4. Balos

You may know the name Balos from many travel brochures in Crete, inviting visitors with the promise of white lily sand, vibrant turquoise waters and a wonderfully wild and remote environment on the Gramvousa peninsula. And this is absolutely true. Backed by hills, the beach and lagoon are not easily accessible, but this does not prevent visitors from crossing a dirt road to get there, or day travelers boarding a boat to access from Kastelli. Get ready for a picnic because there is nowhere to buy food or drink.

5. Matala

A village that was discovered by hippies back in the 1960s, the legendary Matala, is no longer a best-kept secret. So it’s best visited slightly out of season. Mythology has it that this was the spot where Zeus swam ashore under the guise of a bull with Europa on his back. The gently rippling waters of the Messara Bay are flanked by mysterious caves. Explore this incredible landscape before grabbing a meal at one of the restaurants overlooking the water.

6. Vaï

In the Lasithi province, Crete’s easternmost region, lies a little slice of the Caribbean. The calm, shimmering water of the beach at Vaï is backed by a large grove of swaying Cretan date palm trees. So impressive!!!

7. Seitan Limania

In a hidden corner on the northeastern side of the peninsula of the Cape of Crete, a short drive from Chania, this place is worth the steep downhill route to reach. It’s tiny, there is nothing else there, but one reason why the visitors make the trip: take a look at this narrow strip of turquoise water shown in the photo. Stuck between rising cliffs makes it a beach you will not forget. You can just enjoy the view from the top of the hill or wander the rocky path to take a dip. 


Although it was a very quiet year for the fashion industry, this season presented bold and elegant designs. Big oversize boyfriend jackets, brightly colored bags and baggy pants have dominated the catwalks of Fashion Week in recent weeks. This year, the most powerful decades have influenced the designers in the looks of the season. We loved every piece of Spring / Summer 2021 and you will see why!... From Paris to Milan you will definitely find inspirational looks that will impress you.

1. Oversized Boyfriend Padded Jackets

Create a straight silhouette and play with designs with an oversized boyfriend jacket inspired by the 80's. With the shoulder pads, this coat covers your waist and makes you taller. Pair it with straight trousers or leather shorts for a state-of-the-art style. The colors that match with this style for this season are blue powder, charcoal and the natural tones. You can easily dare it for an elegant effortless aesthetic.

2. Pastel Shades

Another trend that continued to dominate this year is pastel shades. These colors are the perfect choice for summer and suit a wide variety of skin tones. Choose from a suit in cool mint green or an oversize trench coat in lavender - but better yet, try both at the same time. It matches and separates the soft shades, highlights your overall aesthetics and will remain one of the most elegant styles for the coming seasons.

3. Yellow bag

Timeless but absolutely dazzling. Choose a small clutch to take off your ensemble. There are so many shades to choose the one that suits your taste and presents a complete result when combined with other intense shades or even a monochrome ensemble. 

4. Crop top

Short t-shirts, either completely simple and minimal either full printed covered with rhinestones, have their place on the catwalk. Combined with baggy pants or skirts even with boyfriend jeans -for denim outfit lovers- it is a must have girly style for the SS21 season. 

5. Floaty Maxi Dresses

Extra long dresses - a must have for this year's summer collection. Girly or romantic, chic or classic have taken a place on the catwalks of all the big houses -Valentino, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Chanel- and we really like them. 

6. Wide pants

Fans of skinny pants maybe doesn't like them, as they do not have the application of skinny for the female silhouette. But it is a trend that is perfectly combined with the Look Bralette - Crop top and completes stunning total outfit! 

7. Totally sparkly outfits - Disco

It may have been decades since the first appearances of glam and sparkly outfits but this year they are back with more strass!!! Spread the sparkle! 


8. Fishnet

If you want to have in your wardrobe, flexible clothes in combination in order to wear them without losing the dynamics of their style over time, then you should definitely choose the fishnet for special appearances! Combines easily with bodies. It's an unusual trend, but we already loved it!

9. Stripped Dress

Is there anything more summery than the striped print? Definitely exist in all wardrobes as chic as it needs to be to embroider the interest! 


10. Balloon sleeves

 Intensely inflatable sleeves in dresses and tops, a straight line, printed or not, definitely catch everyone's eye for the SS21 season. Dare the combination with midi or long skirt. The result is fascinating.

11. Denim pants - jeans

Denim has been - is and will always be included in the catwalks of women's fashion. This year, the high-waisted oversize pants in a straight line prevail! 

12. Dress over pants & Pattern All Over

Elegant with the true sense of the word!!! A dress combines with trousers of the same color (or not), but also outfits with exactly the same print are options that will surely impress.





As the year progresses, so do the hottest styles. From designer showrooms and runways to street style fashion, there have been plenty of fresh looks to try this year. See some of these top trends from AW/20 fashion weeks everywhere you go.

When the conditions make us spend more time at home, the organization of our daily lives and consequently our lives generally, raises our psychology and mood.

Read the proper tips to get organized and reduce this stress witch caused daily.

1. Organize your closet

A well organized closet with stacks of clothes and full drawers causes stress. Especially when we hurry before going out. Take a breath and start separating those you no longer wear or do not need. Then separate the different types of clothes in different drawers respectively (underwear, blouses, pants, jeans). A beautiful and practical idea for your wardrobe is to place your hanging clothes with a color palette. (That helps me so much when I have to choose an outfit quickly! Trust me!!!)

Make the most of the space by using special partitions, baskets and boxes. You will immediately create a space that will relax you and set your mood.

2. Recycle properly!

It's a matter of habit! Proper recycling will not only elevate your psychology knowing that you contribute ecologically to the environment but will also keep your home clean and organized.

Remember to separate the recycled packaging in a different bin mainly for the basic categories (paper, glass, plastic, batteries, etc.). There are several special containers and bags on the market that will help you out.

3. Reduce paper prints

All those papers from accounts, obligations and official documents certainly cause stress in our daily life but also burden the environment. At first glance, as technology evolves constantly, you will see that they can also exist in electronic form. Scan your official documents and keep a file on your computer. (Organize there in general all your files by category, it helps!!!)

 For the other papers, take some files for each item.

 4. Gain control of your cards


In these times we are going through, finances can cause constant stress and insecurity. But think about organizing your account through the electronic services offered by your bank (e-banking). This facilitates the situation as the "headache" of the many papers, the visit to the bank is reduced and income and expenses are organized per category.

5. Reminders on your mobile

One of the most important things that have helped me organize my time and my daily life is the digital reminders on my mobile phone. We used to have post it cards on the fridge, with things to do or a list in our agenda that we often forgot. Now, the electronic reminders can be scheduled for the right time and day, whenever you want! Take advantage of it, it will helps you so much!!!


Due to the conditions with Covid-19, we spend much more time at home than before. Thus, our need to renew the space according to the trends of the time increases and automatically renews our psychology.

But what are the interior design trends for 2021? We searched and we present them to you below. Among a variety of designs you will definitely find the right one, which reflects your own style and personality.

In the modern way of life, stress and anxiety are concepts that concern each of us. Controlled stress usually helps in the efficiency of the individual. It is creative. Intense stress is harrowing and has nothing to do with creativity.

Below, we present you various natural ways to reduce your stress!

Soft, charming, mysterious decade of the '20s consists of long dresses and retro glitter with delicate details, crystals and feathers.

These days work from home is very usual for the most of us. So we spend many hours in the home-office. Α renovation of the space would be the best choice for more style, functionality and inspiration!!!

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