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When the conditions make us spend more time at home, the organization of our daily lives and consequently our lives generally, raises our psychology and mood.

Read the proper tips to get organized and reduce this stress witch caused daily.

1. Organize your closet

A well organized closet with stacks of clothes and full drawers causes stress. Especially when we hurry before going out. Take a breath and start separating those you no longer wear or do not need. Then separate the different types of clothes in different drawers respectively (underwear, blouses, pants, jeans). A beautiful and practical idea for your wardrobe is to place your hanging clothes with a color palette. (That helps me so much when I have to choose an outfit quickly! Trust me!!!)

Make the most of the space by using special partitions, baskets and boxes. You will immediately create a space that will relax you and set your mood.

2. Recycle properly!

It's a matter of habit! Proper recycling will not only elevate your psychology knowing that you contribute ecologically to the environment but will also keep your home clean and organized.

Remember to separate the recycled packaging in a different bin mainly for the basic categories (paper, glass, plastic, batteries, etc.). There are several special containers and bags on the market that will help you out.

3. Reduce paper prints

All those papers from accounts, obligations and official documents certainly cause stress in our daily life but also burden the environment. At first glance, as technology evolves constantly, you will see that they can also exist in electronic form. Scan your official documents and keep a file on your computer. (Organize there in general all your files by category, it helps!!!)

 For the other papers, take some files for each item.

 4. Gain control of your cards


In these times we are going through, finances can cause constant stress and insecurity. But think about organizing your account through the electronic services offered by your bank (e-banking). This facilitates the situation as the "headache" of the many papers, the visit to the bank is reduced and income and expenses are organized per category.

5. Reminders on your mobile

One of the most important things that have helped me organize my time and my daily life is the digital reminders on my mobile phone. We used to have post it cards on the fridge, with things to do or a list in our agenda that we often forgot. Now, the electronic reminders can be scheduled for the right time and day, whenever you want! Take advantage of it, it will helps you so much!!!


In the modern way of life, stress and anxiety are concepts that concern each of us. Controlled stress usually helps in the efficiency of the individual. It is creative. Intense stress is harrowing and has nothing to do with creativity.

Below, we present you various natural ways to reduce your stress!

Every woman’s daily routine is different. Some jump out of bed in the morning and plunge into a chaotic profusion of tasks while others are more organized. What does your morning look like? We all know the importance of nighttime skincare, but a solid morning routine is just as crucial. There could easily be twelve steps to the most effective morning skincare regimen, but let’s be real… nobody’s got time for that. If all you can do each morning is hit the high notes listed below, you’re well on your way to a flawless face all day long

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